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13 April 2009 @ 04:21 pm
Title: Times Like These
Author: beth9874
Fandom: Robin Hood BBC
Rating: 15 (for violence not sexing)
Notes: High School AU but uses Season 3 characters a pretty dark fic, I tried to get as much fluff in there as I could but everyone wanted to be beaten up. I hope this is allowed as I didn’t see any AU fics on here, but FFN hates me.
Disclaimer: Not even the title is mine, it’s Foo Fighters
Summary: Robin returns from Pakistan to find much changed, not just at School but at home. Usual pairings and S3 characters. They are all starting year 10 so are 14/15.

Chapter OneCollapse )

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24 January 2009 @ 09:41 pm

Author: Beth9874

Title: Naked and alone

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: T

Words: 350

Characters/pairings: Dean W

Spoilers: Very minor for 4x12

Summary: This is a world without happy endings, what if Dean Winchester lived to old age, would that be such a good think. Major Character Death, Tear Jerker

Authors Note: Just a little ficlet. I had to do it; the idea came to me on the bus, watching the old people alone in their separate seats.




Kansas 2052Collapse )


They think they have eternity to love but what will happen when eternity is cut short. Bella, Edward's and Jacob's lives are ripped apart by a new foe. Can they work together to solve the problem or will there new found problems rip them apart. Post BD so spoilers for that. All Vampire. Major Character Death


Pictures in the stars....Collapse )





05 December 2008 @ 07:46 am
Okay I got tagged bymaz_kazama 

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same.


Spending lunch in the Psychology room with Edward, Pete and Cass

caroline_happy chriistin69 windscryer  dana_duchovny eightiswild frozenoises </a></b></a>mad4hana 
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27 November 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Title- The rack
Fandom- Supernatural
Rating- PG13
Genre: Drabble thing
Word count: 104
Characters/pairings: Dean Winchester
Summary: Inspired by Last episode, my thoughts on hell
Spoilers: Season four especially 4x10

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27 November 2008 @ 09:01 pm
Duuudes, meh. Okay so i have decided that the best thing in the world is music

I like all music pretty much, so long as Radio 1 don't play it. If its got a gee-tar in it then i like it, and will make a stab at playing it

But is that song not just amazing, i am going to play that now, well maybe not with the violins

So i guess i am just listening to that

But i tell you what i love the play

'all these things that I've done' by the killers. Its i so easy yet so fun to play

Any one who plays gee-tar go do that now

Its great. Of course the versions on UG.com arent that good so you'll have to make it up spend ages listening to it in order to get the chords right

Maybe i should post my version, nah


Okay so i haven't watched any TV in ages due to exams and stuff, but i am gonna get caught up on Supernatural in preperation for tonights episode. And hopefully it'll be amazing

See ya'll no real point to this post

Oh and i just realised that 'viva la vida' will play automatically when you open your friends page, sorry. I can't get it too stop
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10 November 2008 @ 08:34 pm
From MCR to this, how did that happen. I was browsing UT and this came up. I am now in love with Steve Earle


and my favourite


So yer, thats a short tidbit of my music taste

Oh and
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27 October 2008 @ 08:01 pm
Okay, so i am going to Rome 3am tomorow, so i'll be gone from the world of zee internet. Apparently it is going to be really hot, which is why i am binging my Jeans and Hoodies. So i don't die of heatstroke, cause that will work, It will work wont it. Tell me it will work.

So i changed my room around, it is now all different, i moved my Bed my TV my computer my chest of drawes, it is like a whole new room, but the only problem is i appeared to have lost everything in the process, What used to be over there is now somewhere else and it is very confusing, there is only so much my brain can handle.


Any way I am bringing my DS to Rome, and loadsa DS/Gameboy games, i can't wait.

So, oh shit, I have geography coursework to do, (look at my previous entries and you'll see why I hate geography) with a passion

And I am going to tell you all what happened to day, I'll tell you what... Nothing... Nothing at all, Wait something did happen, IT SNOWED, how did i not mention that, IT SNOWED. For like 2 minutes, but that is SNOW!!!!

I still need to pack my jimjams for ROME!!!

Okay so that is done, now onto the important stuff, Supernatural Under cut for spoilers

Oooh ClickyCollapse )Oooh ClickyCollapse )

ooooohow more random stuff, Heroes, i am gonna miss it for being in Rome i have to wait until Friday/Sat to watch it on NINJA cause i cant download anything due to the Governmento monitoring all our Internet accessYou know what my views on that is WELL FUCK YOU GORDAN BROWN. *shoots the Prime Minister*

^would you look at that the BeBethMeisters swearing *hits self with lamp* Badbethy badbethyokay i am just too obobsessed with Harry Potter

Ooo look a fly

Okay, so the point of this post was, nothing other than to say ROME!!!!

20 October 2008 @ 07:31 pm
Supernatural icons (19)
Spoilers for Monster Movie


I made something

I love all the great art out there, so i dipped my toe in these shark infested water.

Played around on GIMP for a bit

Now i have something

I didn't make anything bigger than avatars because i am still learning how to use everything

Sam Smiling Missed you Awww Sam is eating Sam EATS I make a lederhosen look sexy I make a lederhosen look Good I have a coupon Photobucket Dracula Dracula no text WTF WTF? Wat?

feel free to use all textless as bases, but please tell me a credit

Oh yer don't eat me alive
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27 September 2008 @ 11:18 am
Dudes, i have nothing to say but OMG, i am currently working in order to save up, yes the bethmyster can save money, to buy the next to seasons of SPN. because as none of you know i can't hear very well, so watching stuff online, means i am basically hoping that when they talk they face the camera, or i have the volume proper loud. But of course i still miss out on alot as shows like SPN have alot of other noises such as bangs and stuff. But with the legendary subtittles on my season one Boxset that i have owned for exactly a week i don't miss out on anything.

It is so cool.

Okay you guys might not think it is cool but i sure do.

Another thing right, unsupernatural realated, for those of you in the UK. MOCK THE WEEK HAS ENDED NOOOOOOO!!!!! how will my Thursday nights survive.

And on Wednesday Heroes is starting up on the Beeb, which means no adverts and i can have my precious subtittles.

And another thing the BBCiplayer now has subtittles as well, which is pretty awsome.

You may be thinking why this entire post is about the awsomeness that is SUBTITTLES well that would be because I haven't been to ENT to provide my short term 6 monthly fix in about 7 months. so untill Monday Week I can't really hear. Well up until 7 months ago it was every 4 months so i am going to ask if they can change it back to four months.

Okay my adoration and rant about subtittles is over

Why has my page fucked up, is it just my comp.